Permohonan Pekerja Asing (Baru)

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Established in the year 2008, our agency consists of experienced consultants who can assist your company with the recruitment and employment of foreign workers and local workers, so that you can focus on your business.

We provide the following service scope:
1. Application of new foreign workers on consolidation of documents liaising with the respective government departments.
2. Application of calling visa, obtain endorsement and quota approval from the government.
3. Arrange foreign labour from their country of origin to Malaysia via services such as booking air-tickets, single entry visa, approval from government labour department, etc.
4. Clearance and transport of foreign workers from the airport upon arrival.
5. FWCMS insurance coverage, FOMEMA medical check-up.
6. Renewal of work permit.
7. Supplying of local workers
If you are interested in applying for foreign workers or if you need inquiries regarding the application of foreign workers, feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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