jom beli pam zakar di hebatmalam.info pam vakum lelaki hydro pump bathmatemerupakan pam vakum lelaki membesarkan batang dan zakar yang terbaik didunia perhatian berhati hati dengan scammer untuk mengelakkan tertipu sila deal cod dengan pengikan jangan bank in jika peniaga itu bukan peniaga sebenar
pam vakum untuk lelaki
pam vakum untuk lelaki
pam vakum lelaki menggunakan air,bukan udara untuk tekanan

➢ Willing to involve in oil and gas (based at Kemaman, Terengganu)
➢ Fit/Tough/Healthy/Fluent in public speaking
➢ Degree Professional Certificate or Diploma in Engineering Electrical or equivalent
➢ Min 3 years working experience
• Can work in groups (team)

Email to :- etdmakmursb@gmail.com atau hubungi :- 09-8274415
• Responsible, diligent and disciplined.
• Responsibilities in the planning and execution of a project
• Maintaining records of the ongoing projects and document them properly
• Document reports and submit them to higher authorities/relevant department
• Site supervisory work
• Must possess own transport – Mileage Claimable
• Any other ad hoc task assigned by superior/client
• To promote product to current and potential customer.
• To obtain good relationship with customer.
• Handle all customer inquiries related to electrical equipment
• To plan for Test & Commissioning (T & C).
• To plan for Plan Preventive Maintenance (PPM) for all medical equipment
• To plan Electrical Safety Test (EST) for calibration
• To attend any repair and on call repair by customer.
• To update and maintain medical equipment price list in the system.
• Assist anyone for report compilation and tender preparation.
• Liaise with purchasing regarding spare parts order.
• Response to customer and product complaints and feedback.
• Documentation filing and labelling.
• Analyse report result and report during Management review meeting.
• Assist others department when necessary.
• Any other duties assigned by the management.

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